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About Oshawa for Oshawa, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Oshawa, Ontario

Overview of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The city of Oshawa is located on Lake Ontario, 56 kilometres east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Oshawa has a total population of roughly 139,051 (2001), a total area of 145.65 km² and a population density of 952/km². The city is the largest community in the Regional Municipality of Durham, and is home to a thriving automobile industry based around the Canadian division of General Motors, many historic museums, thrilling annual events, the Ontario Institute of Technology, extensive parkland and trails for biking and hiking, a beautiful waterfront and the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League. Oshawa also boasts top-notch primary and secondary schools, a unique heritage and a politically active and well respected City Council.

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  • Population: 139,051 (2001)
  • Population Density: 328/km²/li>
  • Area: 145.65 km²
  • Latitude: 43°N
  • Longitude: 78°W
  • Weather: See forecast
  • Elevation: 104 MSL
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Oshawa, Ontario

The region of modern Oshawa, Ontario was once a transfer point for the fur trade, whereby the Coureur des bois traded with local First Nations peoples for animal pelts. By the late 1700's, Roger Conant, a local resident, began shipping salmon to the United States with great success, attracting more settlement to the region. By 1907 the McLaughlin Carriage Company was manufacturing Buick automobiles in the area, and merged with the Chevrolet Motor Car Company to create the General Motors of Canada, which is highly active in the region to this day. The growth created by the automobile industry led to Oshawa's incorporation as a city on March 8th, 1924.

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Oshawa's Demographics

In 2001, the city of Oshawa, Ontario, had a total population of 139,051 people and a population density of 328 km². 49.3% of the city's residents were male and 50.7% female, 6.5% of the population was under the age of five, while 10.4% were 65 and older. Oshawa's average age was 35.8 years old, and between 1996 and 2001 Oshawa's population grew by 10.2%. Also, the majority of the city's population was Caucasian – 93.8% according to the 2001 census.

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Oshawa's Climate

Oshawa, Ontario, is prone to fairly cold and windy winters and typically hot, humid and muggy summers.

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Education in Oshawa, Ontario

The city of Oshawa, Ontario, is home to many primary and secondary schools, as well as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Canada's newest University. The Institute emphasizes themes of manufacturing, engineering and technology, and is thus in tune with Oshawa's industrial heritage. As well, Trent University offers a full-time program at the campus of the Institute.

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Transportation around Oshawa, Ontario

Ontario's Oshawa provides many convenient modes of transportation for its residents and tourists, such as the Oshawa Station which serves VIA Rail and Go Buses, the Oshawa Transit system, intercity buses such as greyhound and major highways including Highway 401. Oshawa is also home to the major Port of Oshawa and a small local airport.

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Tourism and Attractions of Oshawa

Oshawa, Ontario boasts many tourist attractions s, such as the Canadian Automotive Museum, the Canadian Aviation Expo, the Oshawa Little Theatre, Oshawa Gardens, the Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery, beautiful parklands and trails, a gorgeous waterfront, the Oshawa Downtown Murals, Oshawa Civic Auditorium, excellent restaurants and exquisite hotels and motels.

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Surrounding Communities

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  • Bowmanville
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  • Salem
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  • Kedron
  • Wilmont Creek
  • New Castle

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Geography of Oshawa, Ontario

The city of Oshawa is located in southern Ontario on Lake Ontario, and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. To the east of the Oshawa lies Clarington, to the north is Scugog, Whitby lies to the west, and south of the city is Lake Ontario.

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Oshawa's Government

Oshawa, Ontario is governed by the Oshawa city council, led by Mayor John Gray. Oshawa is represented by Conservatives Colin Carrie and Jim Flaherty in the Canadian House of Commons, and by Progressive Conservatives Jerry Ouellette and John O'Toole in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Recent local political issues include whether to build an expensive sports arena, the sale of public utilities, the rejuvenation of the downtown area and the high property taxes in the eastern and northern regions of the city.

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Oshawa's Economy and Industry

Oshawa, Ontario is home to a booming industry-based economy centred on General Motors Canada, which runs much of its administrative operations and manufacturing in the city, thus employing thousands of the city's residents. Many other major companies have head offices and factories in the city and its surrounding area as well.

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Oshawa's Culture and Significant Events

Oshawa, Ontario has a lively and exciting culture, based around musical performances, art shows, museums and live theatre. Heritage museums located in the city include the Canadian Automotive Museum and the Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum. Oshawa also hosts exciting annual events such as the Waterfront Festival, Santa's Parade of Lights and Siesta Week.

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Sports in Oshawa, Ontario

Ontario's Oshawa is home to many professional sports teams, foremost of which are the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League. The Generals have many famous alumni including Bobby Orr and Eric Lindros. The team also has the unique distinction of having their home arena destroyed by fire twice! In 1928 the Bradley Arena was destroyed, and 25 years later the Hambly Arena burnt down as well.

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Media of Oshawa

Due to its close proximity to Toronto, Oshawa's residents are somewhat reliant on outside media outlets. The city does, however, have two local radio stations – CKDO 1350 and CKGE 94.9, and the local newspaper entitled ‘Central'.

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